BCH Stress Test

What is the BCH Stress test ?

The Bitcoin Cash Stress Test is a community driven stress test of the Bitcoin Cash network and its services. We aim to create millions of minimum fee transactions within a 24-hour period. Such volume of minimum fee transactions will prove to merchants and businesses worldwide and also to ourselves that the BCH main network is capable of scaling on chain and is capable of handling such volume of transactions today. The data collected will be of great use to developers and businesses providing services on the BCH network, it also gives them a chance to stress test their services. Everyone is welcome to participate in the stress test, with the cost spread across the community the cost per user is tiny. The planned date is Sept 1st 12:00 UTC, this is 10 weeks before the scheduled November upgrade, hopefully we can make this an annual event.


We are aiming to process over 5 million minimum fee transactions within a 24 hour period on the main BCH chain. However this does not need to be the only aim, as we also want people to stress test apps , wallets and services, so everyone can get useful data they can use to move forward. Processing over 5 million transactions will showcase the Bitcoin BCH network capacity today, and will be a positive signal for merchants, businesses and investors, giving them confidence in the Bitcoin BCH network and its ability to scale on-chain.
There will be a number of ways you can participate in the stress test. The most optimal way to participate will be to run a script that will flood the network with low fee transactions, this will be the most cost effective method, as funds will be recycled until they are exhausted on fees. Other methods will be just to make as many transactions as possible on any platform or wallet you choose, this could include, sending everyone you know a penny, or publishing your favourite book or maybe album lyrics onto the blockchain via Memo.cash or blockpress. You can also just like every comment on memo.cash with 546 satoshi tip, or make lots of 546 satoshi donations to eatBCH, simply chat like crazy with people on Keyport app, or bet like crazy on Satoshi Dice, Satoshi Bones or any other BCH online games.
That is entirely up to you, if running a script then it will only cost 0.01 BCH to create roughly 5000 transactions before funds are exhuasted, at time of writing this is equivalent to less than $8 USD, if you are tipping on memo it will cost just under $4.20 to send 1000 tips of 546 satoshi's to people (0.00546 BCH). So just a small amount can really help.
Quite simple, the stress test will prove to merchants and businesses that BCH is secure and can handle millions of transactions per day, this will provide a huge boost in market confidence in Bitcoin BCH, and will very likely encourage new businesses and new money to enter the Bitcoin BCH space. Any money spent, will be returned as the value of BCH increases over time.
No, the aim of the stress test is not to fill a single block, but to process millions of transactions within 24 hours. Although blocks may become full during the stress test it is not the main aim of the stress test just a symptom. Though it will be good to see the BCH network handle full blocks with transactions not seeing much of a delay getting confirmations, this in turn will prove to merchants that 0-conf transactions are safe to accept once they have been declared.
No, not really, the aim of the stress test is to create as many transactions as possible, if you want to do this by making donations at the same time, you need to make lots of micro transactions to be of any help to the stress test. The downside is the cause you are donating too, will lose a lot of the micro donations in fees. Everyone is free to participate how they choose but it may be easier to simply make a donation separate from your stress test efforts. Though it always nice to donate to a good cause, so maybe just save your donations to also be sent on September 1st.
Scripts are currently being developed and tested and will be available within a few weeks prior to the stress test, so people can test them beforehand. Links will be added here, as soon as the scripts are available.
Yes, of course, as always you can ask merchants when they will accept Bitcoin BCH, but now also explain the stress test will happen Sept 1st so they will be able to see Bitcoin BCH network capacity for themselves, also if you have any t-shirt designs that you want to share with the community please send them to hello@stresstestbitcoin.cash and we will get them uploaded for the community to use. Please do also participate in topic discussion on memo at memo.cash/topic/stresstestbitcoin.cash
Simply scroll through the links below, here you will find places where you can post content or articles yourself on places like memo.cash or yours.org or tip others for doing so, Keyport app is another great option for send secure encrypted messages to friends. Also games can be played at Bitzillions, satoshi dice, Bitcoin.com, Blockchain.Poker, OddEvenBets.com or roulette at Mt. Betmore. You will also find links to Bitcoin cash block chain explorers such as Block Chair as well as graphical visualisation's of Bitcoin Cash transactions on TxHighway and TxStreet.
No, in order to make this a fair trial, the stress test will not have any special or discount fee rate for transactions. Although fees paid will be kept to a minimum, they will be paid at the rate of 1 satoshi per Byte.

Bitcoin Cash is Bitcoin

Stress Test Schedule

The stress test is scheduled to start on Sept 1st 2018 12:00 UTC.
Scripts should be available to start creating transactions for you at that time so you don't need to wait up, also the stress test will continue for minimum of 24 hours, so matter where you are in the world you can participate at any time.
Do feel free to continue stress testing for as long as you want.

  • Eat Breakfast

    9 AM UTC


    Get some protein and a cup of tea or coffee
  • Get everything ready

    10 AM UTC

    Turn on PC

    Get script ready, & accounts funded. Then check prices, chat on twitter or memo.
  • Start posting on memo

    12 PM UTC

    Ensure Script Starts

    Then head over to memo and start posting and tipping like crazy.
  • Play some BCH Games

    1 PM UTC

    Play some BCH games

    Have a few bets on satoshi dice, or any of the games on bitcoin.com, remind your friends the stress test started an hour ago.
  • 2 PM UTC

    Keep on keeping on

    Carry on Posting & playing Games

    Watch the BCH network deal with all those transactions.
  • 8 PM UTC

    BCH Popping

    Pop the Champagne !

    Why not you earned it. Then send everyone you know $10 of BCH, a penny at a time.


The Bitcoin BCH Stress test was conceived by 3 of the BCH jeepney Chairholders. We simply created the spark to ignite the flame, but the stress test is a community driven project so IT NEEDS YOU!

Mr G

Mr. G

Legend in his own time



Original Gangsta BCH




Key Contributors

The beautifully gifted and motivated people in the BCH community making the stress test all it can be.




Gabriel Cardona

Brendan Lee

Brendan Lee









The Scatman


Special Thank You

Special thanks to Mindgenix.technology for helping us on the worlds first Bitcoincash RaceTrack with IOT

Send $1 to the address below and watch the cars whizz around the track.

BCH Stress Test Participants

The Bitcoin BCH stress test is a community driven stress test, and will be sponsored by members of the BCH community.
If you would like to see your profile here, please register to let us know you will be participating.

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Register /Contact Us

If you would like to register as a participant, please enter your details below, such as twitter or memo profile and roughly how many transactions you are willing to create during the stress test,
we may even add your profile to the sponsors section.
If you have any suggestions, it may be quicker to get a community response at
memo.cash/topic/stresstestbitcoin.cash but still do feel free to contact us with anything,
and we will get back to you as soon as humanly possible.

Donate funds to be used in the Stress Test

If you would donate some BCH to the stress test team to be used for BCH stress testing activities,
It is possible to use the QR codes below to donate any amount you wish,
100% of donated funds will go towards the stresstesting the BCH network.





*by donating funds to the stress test, you consent for the stress test team to use these funds at any time.

Typical cost to participate in the Stress Test

Below are just a few examples of the *cost to participate in the stress test.
Please Note: We are not selling you anything,
These are not minimum requirements,
but just examples of how little it will cost for users to help the stress test.
(*at time of writing)

$ 1.50

TX Script

  • 1000 Transactions
  • All at minimum fee
  • 0.002 BCH
  • 0.2 MB
$ 4.20

Memo Tips

  • 1000 Transactions
  • In 546 Satoshi tips
  • 0.00546 BCH
  • 0.5 MB