BCH Stress Test

What is the BCH Stress test ?

The Bitcoin Cash Stress Test is a professionally driven stress test of the Bitcoin Cash network and its services. Using an improved version of the tools developed for the September 1st Community Stress Test, we aim to create an unprecedented quantity of standard fee transactions over a 24-hour period. Such volume of minimum fee transactions will prove to merchants and businesses worldwide and also to ourselves that the BCH main network is capable of scaling on chain and of handling such volume of transactions today. The data collected will be of great use to developers and businesses providing services on the BCH network, and gives them a chance to stress test their own services. Everyone is welcome to participate in the stress test, and we are in contact with prominent members of the mining and commerce community to ensure we have the funding and the tools needed to send a massive signal to the market that on-chain scaling works. The planned date is November 17th at 12:00 UTC, 2 days after the scheduled November upgrade.


We are aiming to process over 24 million transactions within a 24 hour period on the main BCH chain. Processing over 24 million transactions will showcase the Bitcoin BCH network capacity today, and will be a positive signal for merchants, businesses and investors, giving them confidence in the Bitcoin BCH network and its ability to scale on-chain.
The same team who brought you the first stress test have come back together to bring an updated and superior testing platform to bear on the network. The creators of www.PlayBCH.cash have completely overhauled the transaction generation system and are managing the development and testing process. This test is very different to the first one in that it is being offered as a service. Transactions are sold in tranches which include a service fee for cloud services, deployment and management. We aim to be as transparent as possible about this without compromising the privacy of our team.
This stress test will play across both networks, with funds provided in advance being able to be used once on each chain. We do not believe that there will be 2 networks on the day, but if there are we will not make any concessions in the testing strategy to accomodate for rules or limitations that one or the other chain have in place. BCH is a permissionless network and our test will use real money to send valid transactions with valid fees.
Take a look at our sponsorship packages. Blockchain marketing is one of the most effective ways to be notarised as the people that want to encourage business ONchain. We are able to attach OP_RETURN messages to your transactions, providing a permanent and immutable record of your stance for bitcoin being ready for business. This service is by request only, talk to us, what message would you like to record forever on the Bitcoin Ledger?
So far we have received some funds from the public, some from miners and some from anonymous parties. We have already raised enough to cover the development and creation of a large scale testing machine which we plan to use to generate our transactions. Stay tuned for the Taste Test coming up on the 1st of November!!!

Stresstest Funding & Sponsorship

Development Funds


Taste Test Funds


Warm Up Test Funds (November 10 Test)

On the 10th of November, a test will take place to demonstrate the capability of the tx blaster.
We are aiming to generate 1 Million transactions during this test.
For this effort we are seeking a minimum of 5 but up to 10 BCH from the Bitcoin Cash mining and business community.
All funds will be received into a multisig address which is managed by the team. Any funds in excess of 10BCH will be held over for the main stress test.





Main Event Test Funds (November 17 Test)

To ensure that our service delivers value to all test sponsors, we have a range of tiered sponsorship levels available. Each tier represents a slice of the per-second transaction volume that we will broadcast onto the network for the full 24 hours of the test. Once we reach our targeted funding level of 300tx/second, we will use any additional funds to extend the duration of the test.


100 Tx/sec

  • 29 BCH
  • Only 2
  • Remaining
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30 Tx/sec

  • 9 BCH
  • Only 6
  • Remaining
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10 Tx/sec

  • 3.2 BCH
  • Only 14
  • Remaining
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The Gold Sponsorship level provides enough funds to generate 100 transactions per second for 24 hours. Gold Sponsors have the right to a large banner (728x90) at the top of our website as well as daily promotion through social media including Reddit and Twitter. Gold Sponsors also have the right to insert a message of up to 220 characters into each transaction (extra cost applies)


The Silver Sponsorship level provides enough funds to generate 30 transactions per second for 24 hours. Silver Sponsors have the right to a small banner (240x90) at the side of our website as well as promotion through social media including Reddit and Twitter. Silver Sponsors also have the right to insert a message of up to 220 characters into each transaction (extra cost applies)


The Bronze Sponsorship level provides enough funds to generate 10 transactions per second for 24 hours. Bronze Sponsors have the right to have their logo on our website under the 'Bronze Sponsor List' as well as promotion through social media including Reddit and Twitter. Bronze Sponsors also have the right to insert a message of up to 220 characters into each transaction (extra cost applies)

How to Purchase Sponsorship Rights

To ensure we manage the promotion of our main test sponsors correctly, we request that sponsors who want recognition reach out to us directly by email at buytx@stresstestbitcoin.cash or using the contact form below. If you would prefer to sponsor the test anonymously, please send all funds to the addresses for the Warm Up test after the 10th of November. Anonymous sponsorship will attract a 15% service fee on all transactions generated.

Funds will be used on a best effort basis at the discretion of the team. In the event of a failure, the blaster will be modified and the test re-started until all funds are expended. By providing funds for the test you consent for the stress test team to fully consume these funds during the test.

Register /Contact Us

To register as a sponsor, please get in touch using the form below. A member of the team will get back to you within 24 hours of receiving your request.

Who We Are

The following are the companies and individuals who are working to bring this test to life either through the provision of funding or time and effort.


Esthon Medeiros

Test Architect
Development & Hosting



Bitcoin O.G.
Builds Small Worlds

Brendan Lee

Brendan Lee

Test Coordinator
Customer Liaison

Mr G

Mr. G

Adoption Specialist
Legend in his own time



Web Wiz



Data Visualisation

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